Complete Solutions Consulting & Management Services uses surveys, interviews, and on-site observations to conduct a comprehensive audit of every area in each individual Police, Emergency Medical Services, or Fire 911/Communications or Dispatch Center.

Implementation or revision of current Police, Medical, and Fire call taking protocols.

Developing of Quality Assurance program.

Achieving accreditation after implementation of protocols. 

Once we have executive buy-in, we develop customized "agency specific" policies and procedures in conjunction with management representatives from each individual Police, Emergency Medical Services, and Fire agency.

Development of interoperability radio communications plans for each specific agency and it's neighboring jurisdictions. 

We identify and recommend proven technologies, practices, and training methods to address the current specific deficiencies and future needs of each center. During planning we work to specifically "tailor" each technology, practice, and training method to address the specific and indivdual needs of each gency.

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Complete Solutions Consulting and Management Services personnel will work with your existing staff to assure long term sustainabiltiy of each implemented effort. During this stage we report the progress on a continous basis to executive personnel and management staff until full self sustainable levels of operations are achieved in order to assure protection of investment. 


Personnel cross training and certification programs tailored to satisfy the requirements and objectices of each specific agency.


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Initial Computer Aided Dispatch (C.A.D.) implementation or optimization of current C.A.D.

 Developing and implementing interfaces and procedures/policies between different software systems and C.A.D. Capabilities include ability to locate cell phone, ProQa, M.D.Ts, ability to dispatch closest emergency units, etc.


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Development of Criminal Justice Information procedures and processes to satisfy compliance requirements.